New York Times Endorses Marijuana Reform Initiatives

new york times endorse marijuana reform
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New York, NY: The editors of the New York Times have opined in favor of the passage of pending initiatives in Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, DC that seek to dramatically liberalize those regions’ marijuana laws.

The three proposed measures are all “worthy of passage,” the editors acknowledged. They added that the federal ban on cannabis is “misguided.”

“It’s better for the states to take the lead than to wait for an epiphany on Capitol Hill that may never come,” the Times concluded.

The pending measures in Alaska (Ballot Measure 2) and Oregon (Measure 91) seek to regulate the commercial production, retail sale, and personal use of marijuana by adults. Washington, DC’s municipal measure (Initiative 71) would remove criminal and civil penalties regarding the adult possession of and cultivation of minor quantities of cannabis.

A proposed constitutional amendment (Amendment 2) to legalize patients’ access to cannabis for therapeutic purposes is also pending in Florida.

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