Wake and Bake with Cannabis Coffee

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Marijuana coffee is coming to the state of Washington, and the product is promising consumers a caffeinated buzz. The cold-brewed cannibis-infused coffee, called Legal, is expected to hit the market in early July, product developer Adam Stites told The Huffington Post on Monday.

“It’s an alert, creative high,” he said.

Stites also calls it “the wake and bake drink,” according to My Northwest.

He said each bottle contains about 20 milligrams of THC, the psychoactive compound that gives marijuana users a high. That’s enough to make the experience similar to having “a nice IPA or glass of wine. We don’t want to pack so much THC into every one of our drinks that it’s unpleasant, especially for people that are just getting into marijuana,” he told My Northwest.

The company Stites founded, Mirth Provisions, is a bit more flowery about the effects. In describing the version with cream and sugar, the website states: “Drinking this coffee is like riding a cool avalanche of pure deliciousness down a tall mountain and landing in an ocean of good feelings. You’ll swim off into a day of work or play filled to the brim with pure joy.”

Mirth Provisions has also developed sparkling cherry, lemon ginger and pomegranate juices fortified with cannabis extract.

Recreational marijuana was legalized in Washington state in 2012, but retail sales have hit regulatory snags, according to the Washington Post.

Stites told HuffPost that an inspection by the state’s department of agriculture is scheduled for June 12. He anticipates the retail operation to be up and running by early July. The 11.5-ounce bottles would probably retail between $9 and $11, he said.