Police Logic – Weed Makes You Believe You Can Stop Moving Trains

police logic Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt
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So ummm yeah. Police Logic .Reefer Madness is not dead…it’s just the smell of it rotting.  In a recent message Gilliam County Sheriff Gary Bettencourt made his opinions clear on marijuana laws.  Urging people to vote no on legalizing pot, and with the rotting fumes of  reefer madness creeping into his war cry by trying to convince us that it will drive you to insanity –

“Being in law enforcement and handling every call imaginable, I routinely encounter those who are high on marijuana. Many of these individuals are hallucinating and often are not in their right mind. In these altered states, they believe such things like having the ability to stop a moving train or seeing airplanes spreading harmful chemicals down on to the earth from above.”

I feel that this guy needs introduced to some actual scientists/scientific research and/or a blunt to help him see through his human eyes and not his policeman shades.