Angry Bees Attack Cops For Taking Weed Away

bee a cannabis activist or i sting you
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According to sources (which may or may not be good sources) a group of Liberal Bees bees have ganged up and “Aggressively” attacked Police Officers in Russia who were invading the Bees’ homes located through-out a plot of Cannabis growing wildly.

Initially the Bees won the unannounced invasion confidently as they were completely unnoticed until the last second by the police. Being too agile in flight and fight, the Bees stung as many police officers as possible, getting almost every single one.

The police officers won in the end though, when they returned in protective clothing and destroyed many communities of bees, including their homes. There were no casualties or allergic reactions for the Human police officers, though many Bees died as a result of this action against Nature and probably continue to die as the Bees flee.

As there was only Bee and Russian spoken at the attacks no-one can really know what happened for now but we’ve been contacted by an English-speaking Spokesbee, who wishes to remain Anonymous.

Part of a larger-global network of bees for cannabis the spokesbee spoke passionately: “All Bees are Cannabis Activists”¬† he said.

The spokesbee makes a claim that police were screaming “AMBUSH” and “MUMMY” as they ran away from their first invasion attempt.¬† The Spokesbee¬† further claims that police read out a statement as they approached the Cannabis Bees’ homes during the second raid… “They were saying we were in breach of international law,citing that the Bees had no Right being there, they had no legal documentation and were not recognized by the U.N. Now we are fearing a global backlash, even the wasps are worried that profiling might get them killed“.

When asked about potential Cannabis Cultivation charges he replied: “If Bees can help pollinate then we will…Its just in our nature, We won’t stop

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