Snoop Dogg: I Smoke 81 Blunts A Day

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“So Snoop Dogg, as Snoop Lion, held a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session Wednesday afternoon and in contrast to recent chats with Trent Reznor and Das Racist’s Heems, the conversation didn’t span the range of the artist’s illustrious career, venture into broader social topics, or even stir up some controversy. Instead — and we admit our brazen foolishness in expecting anything else — the fan-run Q&A focused on one, ahem, heady subject to the exclusion of most others. You guessed it: weed. When the peanut gallery did stretch out into other territory, the queries were often still couched within a marijuana haze, and in the rare instances that they asked about the music, Snoop almost invariably directed them to the lyric video to his new Major Lazer-produced single, “Here Comes the King.”*

Snoop Dogg/ Snopp Lion took to Reddit to answer questions from his fans, including his thoughts on pot legalization and that he smokes 81 blunts a day. How is this possibly true, and if it is, is this a watermark on how safe marijuana is? Ana Kasparian and Kim Horcher (Host, Nerd Alert) discuss.

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