Uwe Banton – The Roots Of It

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Hey, hey — yeh-he-yeah
ah-hah — this is the Cannabis Song

Hey, hey — yeh-he-yeah
mh-mmh — this is the Cannabis Song

if you know the roots of it
then you will find the truth in it

if you know the roots of it
then you would make good use of it

Verse 1:
now they have been hiding
the truth for so long
trying to tell the people
using the herb is so wrong
it has been there for ten thousands of years
now is the time to drive away those fears
come on people, open up your ears
that’s why we’re singing it loud and clear


Verse 2:
Bob Marley said, excuse me
while I light my spliff
knowing that the cannabis
is a precious gift
because they told us so many lies
for some people it might be a surprise
to see my spliff as a blessing is disguise
time for the herb to win the nobel price


Verse 3:
so I beg you do not turn youths into criminals
by declaring something good into illegal
it is helpful, it is useful, it is natural
and for your meditation inspirational
known all over the world, its international
from the Rastaman down to the Cardinal
they use it as a holy sacrament, well spiritual
the only crime about it, it’s still illegal