Italian activists storm US army base planting thousands of weed seeds

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Activists broke into a US military base in Vicenza, Italy, last week and in an act of protest planted 200,000 marijuana seeds in and around the premises.

According to a press release on its website, 50 members of the Italian No Dal Molin movement broke into the US installation at Fontega on May 1. They then scattered the marijuana, as well as tomato and corn seeds, on the hillside “to liberate our land from the foundations of war.”

No Dal Molin is an anti-war group formed during the 2000s to protest the construction of a new US base at Vicenza’s Dal Molin airport, which the group opposes for both political and environmental reasons.

Organizers of the No Dal Molin Movement do not plan stopping at just planting seeds — they plan to hold a harvest festival in October once the marijuana plants are grown.  Source