Saturday Night Live New York Weed Policy Skit

Saturday Night Live pot policy parody
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A video short from the Saturday Night Live Show envisions New Yorkers, having just learned about the city’s amended pot policy— which allows possession of up to 25 grams without arrest —emerging from their apartments for the first time in what appears to be eons. Carrying their baggies of the drug with them, stoners of every stripe, from a stroller-pushing mom to a bong-toting wearing hippie, amass in the streets, emboldened by the freedom to finally display their pot with impunity. But the group finds itself heartbroken when police officers inform them about the part of the law they missed: while possession is now okay, smoking pot in public is still as illegal as ever. What good is that?

Check out the video below, which features guest host and longtime weed advocate Woody Harrelson, and a cameo by international stoner sponsor, Funyuns. Source