Pot Lowers Domestic Violence Finds Anti-Marijuana Institute

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Karma can take its time but it always balances everything nicely. A study by Buffalo University has found that couples that use pot have significantly lower domestic violence rates than non-users. The study was partially funded by a grant from the National Institute for Drug Abuse in 1996 and was ironically created to see if there was an increase in domestic violence among weed loving couples. The Institute have previously been on record strongly opposing marijuana use which gives more credibility to the study because it wasn’t partially funded by marijuana advocate groups and instead by groups who probably were hoping for the study to show an opposite outcome. Gina Grad says it best – “have you ever tried to fight when you’re high?  It doesn’t work!”. Ana Kasparian and Gina are joined by Ben Mankiewicz on The Young Turks Network  to discuss the findings.