Cannabis, why is it illegal?

cannabis benefical plant
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Why on earth would someone prohibit this miraculous plant?


  1. The USA was the first coutry to ban the plant I believe back when they also decided to ban alcohol in the 50’s/60’s(?). The cotton lobbyists thought of all kinds of propaganda to make the people believe the plants are bad, while the actual reason was that hemp fibres are much stronger and much more durable then cotton.

    1. Lol good attempt, but marijuana was made illegal way before alcohol in some states, and the federal
      prohibition of alcohol was about 30 years earlier than your guess.

    2. Also you have a lot more than the cotton industry to blame….petro chemical, paper, and tobacco lobbyists are the one to worry about the most. Think of how much paper we use on a daily basis….how much gasoline….how much the tobacco industry makes in just one county, in one state, an HOUR, would shock you…..they combined make more in one hour of a 24 hour day, then what 126 average Americans make in a YEAR! Don’t blame cotton, blame everything else, and greed