England: Anonymous Growers Plant Ganja all across the U.K

Anonymous growers planting cannabis
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Anonymous growers¬†planting seeds on a large scale across the U.K isn’t a new idea but it hasn’t had the media attention and support in previous attempts but since attitudes are changing some activists are ramping up their actions in their latest bid for national awarerness. These activists hope to speed up the process of change in attitudes towards cannabis which they hope will lead to¬† Legislation change that will come sooner rather than later as it is a question of ‘when?’ now and not ‘if?’…

The activist in the video who wished to remain anonymous in fear of losing his job said ” We’ve chosen to plant the seeds in places which are heavily concentrated, in places which are very touristy. So effectively, by being so brazen in public, we’ve aimed to garner as much media attention as possible in a short amount of time as possible”