Bored Cannabis Activists try a Rickroll

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Dear Cannabis Activist,

Are you tired of sharing the same information to the same people and feeling like they don’t give a shit? Getting annoyed at people caring more about material crap than the important things in life…like weed? If so then this could be your solution to returning stupidness back into the universe….Introducing the Rickroll.

If you have never heard of a rickroll then go away, find out and come back…done? Ok so the whole point of a rickroll was to get unwitting web surfers to click on what they thought was the latest “in” thing or some made up celebrity headline video link which turned out to be Rick Astley’s – ‘Never gonna give you up’ video.  However cringe worthy the song might be for us it showed us that the participation by a few people made this  video one of the most watched videos of all time when you combine all the views together. Now I’m not saying that this video/idea could reach the mass of people that the original Rickroll did but it could be a bit of fun for the bored activist, helping the info to get to some new recruits to the activists camp.  If you have signed all the petitions and shared all the information more than once then have a break from it my friend, go make a new identity, find some celeb junkies who just don’t give a shit about weed laws or those who would never look at the information concerning weed and give them anything they Want to hear to get them to your link of weed. Why not? There they are just surfing the web, trawling through pics of cats and celebrity bullshit not giving a fuck and with no other way of reaching these people because they need a t.v or celeb to say its ok to care about these things…my reckoning is that they need a defibrillator type shock in the form of information in a/or video…most of them won’t give a flying fuck and will be pretty irate at being fooled ( I like to think of it as a bit of white hat Rickrolling) but the info might stick in their heads (Well hopefully) and as for those who do care there might just be someone who can help bring more awareness by spreading the news in a new and inventive way…or just by rickrolling a few others (ha). Anyway here’s the link to this vid paste it beside some shit you made up on the day then sit back and enjoy. Otherwise make your own better vids.

Happy Rickrolling Kidz