The Forbidden Medicine

George Hutchings
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Meet George Hutchings, 45, one among thousands of medicinal users of cannabis in the UK. After a lifetime of being criminalised and having to acquire the medicine he needs on the street, George is fed up and decides to test the limits of the law by travelling to Amsterdam to import 60 grams of cannabis back into the UK, attempting to declare it at the customs’ Red Channel as a medication with a prescription from his English doctor.

George suffers from Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy, an incurable muscle and sensation degeneration disease which will eventually confine him to a wheelchair. Having seen his quality of life severely compromised by the side-effects of the volume of pills and tablets prescribed by the NHS, George has turned to solely smoking marijuana for symptom relief, with amazing results. Marijuana is a plant that is classified as a Class B controlled substance, and blacklisted by the NHS as a drug with no medicinal value.