How High Soundtrack 2001 – Method Man & Redman

An amazing soundtrack album by <Method Man and Redman from the stoner classic movie How High.

1. Intro (Skit)
2. Part II
3. Round And Round
4. Cisco Kid
5. America’s Most
6. Yes Sir, Dean Cain, Sir (Skit)
7. Let’s Do It
8. We Don’t No How 2 Act
9. Who Wanna Rap- Streetlife
10. Fine Line-Saukrates
11. N 2 Gether Now
12. Party Up (Up In Here)
13. What’s Your Fantasy
14. Da Rockwilder
15. I Love NWA (Skit)
16. Bring Da Pain
17. How To Roll A Blunt
18. All I Need (Razor Sharp Remix)
19. Big Dogs
20. How High Remix

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