Is Jackie Chan Right To Be Ashamed Of His Stoner Son ?

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So Jackie Chan’s son has been caught with some weed in Beijing, China.  Jackie has publicly apologized for his son Jaycee Chan’s actions and used the opportunity to encourage society’s younger generation to “learn from Jaycees mistake and stay far away from drug abuse.” as Jackie put it.  Also suggesting he himself should shoulder some of the blame, adding  “as his dad, I didn’t teach him well.”

I feel rather disappointed in Jackie here for completely hanging his son out to dry.  As a professional anti-drugs campaigner Jackie should know that drugs’ ‘illegality’ and poor understanding/education are the root of the danger and problem.  China is one of the worst countries in the world when punishing for drug offenses, some people facing execution for possession of cannabis.

China doesn’t release official figures of executions so there are literally none to go by.  Chinese holiday brochures don’t really mention executions for possessing plant material but I like to think they’re saving some of the mystery by not printing it, in a romantic sense.  Like they’ll love you so much they’ll spend their money to keep you there for a lifetime, like a marriage…a really long abusive arranged marriage, or they’ll blindfold you amorously and shoot bullets of love/rage into your Reggae polluted brain making sure no-one else can have you…ever. China…the executioner of love!

As an entertainer Jackie probably would be wise to stick to the ‘Drugs are Bad mmm’kay’ view in public to maintain his family friendly image, keeping his career and income intact.  Maybe he’s afraid his son will get the maximum sentence in china (which as explained is death) and by towing the line in public might save his son’s bacon so to speak.  I wonder does he feel the same way at home and out of the public’s eye?  Does he know hes wrong?  Or does he still feel like he has the moral high ground?  Hopefully there are no executions ever and I doubt Jackie’s son will get more than 420 hours of prison but this will shed some light on China’s drug issues and general Human Rights issues as well.

Jackie you should have had your kid’s back on this….even though he’s in his 30’s and a grown man 😀