Londi Gamedze — Blue Dream

Londi Gamedze music
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Blue Dream by South African singer, songwriter Londi Gamedze.

In my garden there’s a sea of green
Got my 215, I bought some blue blue dream now
You smell so sweet, big green flowers and leaves
Lovin my blue dream, you make me feel so easy now

So when the light’s on grow big and strong
Icky sticky buds for my favourite bong
Day and night pH just right
You can grow your own with just water nutes and light
Kali, my sensi, fly me like a kite get me up to the sky
My ladies, I’m patient
But I’m waiting with my crew cos we all wanna blaze you

Blue blue dream, you are my lucid queen
Help me find a little more peace inside this crazy world
I smell your perfume while I strum this tune
Singin in my bedroom to make your flowers bloom now now