Grower Nails One Pound of Kind From Hello Kitty Nightlite

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HENDY GROVE—“I’m telling you, this is the serious dankness,” says cannabis grower OG FatSacks. “You show me anyone else who can produce a plant like this off an LED micro-light and I’ll call bullshit.”

FatSacks relates how he first came upon the idea to grow marijuana under his little sister’s Hello Kitty nightlite in the hallway of his parents’ house.

“I was living with my folks after my grow went full spider mites,” he relates, “when the idea for ‘Dank Kitty 2.0’ hit me. There’s perfect airflow through our hallway, and my sister has that light there cause she’s scared and shit.”

FatSacks claims his Dank Kitty 2.0 strain, grown under that one LED nightlite, produced a whopping 449 grams per light, or just shy of one pound of what he calls “critical ass weed.”

Marijuana grower OG FatSacks talks story.

He says the 40-watt LED, provided off the shelf with the Hello Kitty nightlite, has a correlated color temperature of 3,200k – enough, says FatSacks, to flower a cannabis plant “better than any 600-watt, high-pressure sodium lamp on the market.”

“I had The Dank Kitty two-oh tested out last week and it’s pullin deep at 29% THC, 18% CBD, and terps off the chain,” he says.

FatSacks plans to enter his creation in this year’s esteemed NorCal Emerald Cup, as the ultimate environmentally conscious grow technique.

No one can touch the plant and how little energy was used to produce D-K-2-O, he says. “This shit could save the world. Period. Full dank stop.”