Don’t Overdose On Marijuana, Know Your Limits!

overdose on marijuana limits
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This image depicts an eighth of marijuana, the average amount of weed tokes it would take to overdose and die.

Everyday no less than 5000 teenagers discard the warnings and consume this trash, and end up dead.  Still think hemp is cool?

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  1. You got to be out your mind! We are talking about cannabis. Not crack,meth,cocain, fentenol, opioids etc. Pure cannabis will not kill you. You don’t get cancer and you sure as **** can’t overdose. Let’s get honest. All you are gonna do is get fat from the munchies and become a couch nerd. You say it’s “COOL” to smoke weed? It’s more COOL to know Jesus! Write about truth instead of lies. Write about something worth taking the time to read it! 📚 rant over.